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Welcome to The Harvard Club of Chicago's Web Site.

The Harvard Club of Chicago (HCC) is the oldest, continuously operating Harvard Club in the world, having been founded in 1857.
It is one of the largest urban clubs with a membership of over 1,200 alumni/ae out of a universe of around 10,000 in the greater Chicago area.

The purposes for which the Club (an Illinois 501(c)3 non-profit corporation) is organized are these:
    "To promote the interests of Harvard University in the Chicago area; to interest students in the secondary schools in the Chicago area in attending Harvard College and to encourage college students in the Chicago area to attend the Harvard Graduate Schools; to hold meetings and seminars; to grant scholarships to deserving students in the Chicago area and elsewhere in the states of  Illinois and Indiana to attend Harvard College or the Harvard Graduate Schools; to award prize books and other prizes to students in the secondary schools with a view to stimulating interest in Harvard College; to interest the heads of secondary schools and colleges and other prominent persons in Harvard University and to solicit their support for Harvard University; to promote and engage in educational and community service activities; and generally to engage in any and all activities incidental to the foregoing purposes."

The Harvard Club of Chicago is a very active club with one to four member programs each month. In addition, the Club has:

  • a busy Program Committee organizing a broad range of programs, events and activities for members,
  • an energetic Schools Committee for interviewing prospective high school seniors,
  • an Adopt-A-School program with the Walter Payton College Prep public high school and the Power House Charter School, both in Chicago,
  • a Decade Group program for recent college graduates (Club members who graduated from any college in the past 10 years),
  • a Radcliffe Club organizing programs of special interest to women alumnae,
  • an Early College Awareness program for pre-high school students,
  • a Community Service program organizing summer internships and year-long fellowships for current undergraduate and graduate students,
  • a Membership Committee working to increase membership and participation in Club activities,
  • a low-key Scholarship Committee that normally helps raise around $25,000 for college scholarships for Chicago-area freshmen, approximately $10,000 for graduate scholarships, and approximately $10,000 for  community service fellowships and activities each year.

All interested alumni/ae, students and parents, and current and former faculty are invited to join the Club and participate in its activities.

Out-of-town alumni/ae are more than welcome to participate in Club activities at member rates when in town, but also please note that the Harvard Club of Chicago does not have a "club house," i.e., accommodations, or dining facilities such as are found in New York and Boston.  To receive "member" rates you may have to call the Club office so they can get you that rate.

This website is intended solely for the non-commercial use of Harvard alumni/ae, specifically members of The Harvard Club of Chicago, to further the aims of the Club and Harvard University.