HCC HarvardX Discussion Group: Judaism

Learn about the key beliefs and practices of Judaism through an examination of its sacred texts and their interpretation.

HCC HarvardX "Judaism Through Its Scriptures" Discussion Group


Starting on October 19th, the HCC Discussion Group will be discussing Judaism Through Its Scriptures, the final course in the HarvardX World Religions course series. We will meet October through December 2016 on the dates listed below.

About the course

For over two millennia, Jews throughout the entire world have been committed to reading, interpreting, and living their scriptures. But what are the Jewish scriptures? When were they written? And why are they relevant in the 21st century?

This religion course introduces students to the diversity of the ever-expanding Jewish canon and the equally diverse ways of reading it. It will examine how Jews, ancient and modern, drew inspiration and guidance from the traditional texts while simultaneously reinterpreting their contents in light of new circumstances. The religion we call “Judaism” emerges at the nexus of text, interpretation, and lived tradition.

Whether you are a long-time student of the Jewish scriptures or a complete newcomer, this course will give you a new understanding of the fascinating roles that sacred texts have played in the rich history of Judaism.

About the HCC Discussion Group

New members are welcome and encouraged to join the HCC HarvardX discussion group anytime. Our discussions are open, respectful and spirited. For the Judaism course, you do NOT need to have taken any other courses in the World Religions series to participate, and do not need any background in religion.  Registration is an easy, 2-step process:

  1. First, register for the FREE HarvardX Judaism Through Its Scriptures course HERE 
  2. Then, register for the HCC discussion group HERE. The $10 per person discussion group fee covers as many meetings as you wish to attend. Past participants in any World Religions Series course discussion group need not re-register for the group.

Meetings will be held on the following 5 dates:

Wednesday, October 19

  • Days 1-2 Judaism

Wednesday, November 2

  • Days 3-4 Judaism

Wednesday, November 16

  • Days 5-6 Judaism

Wednesday, November 30

  • Days 7-8 Judaism

Wednesday, December 14

  • Closing Meeting
All meetings will be held at the following time and location:
McDermott, Will & Emery 
227 W. Monroe Street, 45th Floor, Chicago
Conference Room L 
Note: Visitors must present a photo ID to security on the 1st floor. After checking in with security, please proceed to the 44th floor where there is a separate elevator bank to the 45th floor. All names will be left with Security prior to your arrival. 
We look forward to seeing you soon! For questions, please write to Rebecca C. Ribaudo


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