Club Committees


The Club is always looking for volunteers to serve on Club committees.  Please look over the various committees below, find one that interests you, and contact the Club office to volunteer, to get additional information, or to contact a committee leader.


Awards Committee 

  • The Awards Committee plans the Annual Awards Dinner for the Harvard Club of Chicago.  

 Community Service Committee

  • The Community Service Committee runs the Global Month of Service and the Harvard Club of Chicago's summer non-profit intern program 

 Decade Group Committee

  • The Decades Group Committee hosts events for recent graduates from all Harvard programs 
  • For more information please see Recent Grads/Decades under Club Involvement

 Membership Committee

  • The Membership Committee manages the Harvard Club of Chicago's membership and runs membership drives 

 Program Committee

  • The Program Committee is responsible for organizing the Club's many programs, on average about two per month
  • The goal is to provide a broad range of programs to appeal to the entire spectrum of Club membership

 Schools Committee

  • The Schools Committee runs the undergraduate alumni interviewing program and partners with local schools for support

  Website Committee

  •  The Website Committee helps implement various parts of the website and keep it current